5 Reasons to Take Computer Science Classes with Any Major

Today, computing and computer technology are literally everywhere. From schools and colleges to workplaces and offices, technology’s grip on our world is more than obvious. Chances are, if you’re a student majoring in any field, you would knowat least a little bit about computers. They’re pretty inescapable.

The reason why is simple. Computer science is a competitive, globally recognized field – and many careers and businesses depend on it. Try to think of a company or a local business that doesn’t use technology in what they do. That’s almost impossible!

Why Take That Leap of Faith

If you find Computer Science classes particularly tedious, don’t worry. It can be a new and exciting journey – and we’re here to help you realize just that.

You should consider taking them with any major. That’s right, even if you maybe don’t see how they’ll help at first, but the benefits could be endless. You may think to yourself: “But what if my major is already as challenging as it gets, and taking new classes could be too much?” We got you here, too. Think about all the benefits it could potentially provide you with.

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Without further ado, here are 5 reasons to take Computer Science classes – together with any major you’re pursuing.

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The World Needs You

As previously mentioned, programs directly affect almost every aspect of our lives. As the digital world continues to evolve, the need for computer experts rises each day. Just think about all the technological wonders out there and how fast they appear on the market!

Think of the device you’re reading these words on. Its design and engineering took months, if not years, of dedicated work. Not to mention all the apps and other impressive specs – it’s a technological miracle! Groups of people behind such projects are called computer engineers, and they devote much of their time to developing strategies and ideas behind many special tools. But their work is just the tip of the iceberg of what a computer scientist can do.

Companies today are more than eager for individuals with computing talents. There are actually more career opportunities in this field than there are people to fill them! To add some data, The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that IT and computing jobs will rise between 12% and 37% through 2022 alone. Imagine all the exciting projects that can offer you. So if you’re thinking of expanding your knowledge and widening your career horizons, those extra classes are an excellent opportunity to do so!

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Practice Creativity and Innovation

If you think a career in IT is not a good choice for you, don’t worry. There are many other benefits to those classes, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem that way. It’s a versatile field and can be used for both professional and personal growth.

Computer science is anything but devoid of creativity. It’s so much more than mindless programming or binary math. You can think of a computer scientist as an artist whose creative expression is design, programming and computer engineering. They’re passionate about creating, expanding and changing their views to solve problems and help others. Just think about game development and hardware architecture!

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The lessons in creativity you can pick up are many. Organization, planning, and innovation can be used in every area of your life, whether other classes, future career, or your personal projects. Here are some other skills you can successfully master in a Computer Science class:

  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking

Collaborative Work

Another valuable skill to master is working as a part of a team. Even though you may think a programmer’s life is pretty lonesome, the usual workplace situation is quite different.

You can imagine that work dynamic as any other collaborative project. It requires teams of individuals with all kinds of skills. In computer class, working together as you explore and learn different concepts is definitely the way to go. Tackling a challenging problem requires individual creativity and an artistic flair, but your team is here to help you handle various unexpected situations.

If you feel your teamwork skills need brushing up, these classes are a fantastic way to learn cooperation, negotiation, and compromise!

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Make a Difference

Today’s advanced world wouldn’t be possible without technology and computing. They’re the leading force when it comes to innovation in the science world. Advanced computers, the study of the human genome, space explorations, and innovations in the medical field are just some of its contributions to society as a whole.

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So if you feel you’re here to drive change in your work and the world eventually, studying computer science is a great first step. You’ll learn to use your abilities for good and develop a sense of discovery. Roll up your sleeves, head to that class, and make the world a better place!

Here are some surprising ways computer science benefits our world today:

  • It has direct applications on societal issues, like poverty, unemployment, and climate change
  • It’s a tool for societal rebalance when it comes to gender identity, ethnicity, or background
  • It helps accelerate the healthcare process by implementing genomics and personalized medicine

Well-rounded Education

As already mentioned, the skills that are involved with computer science are both essential and applicable to any area of your life. Applying them can help you with your other classes or prepare you for your future career. It can bring creativity and teamwork, as well as opportunities for change, growth, and greater knowledge.

Universities and potential employers see this as an example of academic well-roundedness, and it’s considered a valuable asset. It shows you’re capable of handling projects with others or on your own and turn theory into practice.

What to Take Away

Attending a Computer Science class along with your major may seem overwhelming or simply too much, especially if it’s hard for you to see how they relate. But remember, succeeding in such a class enables you to develop even more in your field, practice skills such as problem-solving and creativity, work in a team, have a well-rounded college experience – and potentially change the world!

Hopefully, these benefits will help you see Computer Science in a brighter, more comfortable light and show how hard work really pays off.


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