Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

By Andrew B.Mazur – Learning programming languages in 2021 became even more important than ever as the world has gone remote since the start of Covid-19 restrictions and the changes that have affected all sides of life. Starting with the changes in logistics during the last few decades to automation in numerous processes, learning even the basic programming languages is one of those essential skills that should not be ignored. The good news is that you can start learning without paying a fortune even if you don’t have any prior coding or web programming skills.

Top 7 Programming Languages to Consider in 2021

1. JavaScript.

Java is probably one of the most widely used programming languages in the world because you can encounter it anywhere from ATM machines to the automotive industry, coffee machines, smartphones, video games, children’s toys with automation, and everything related to the creation of the web content and software solutions. If you are in doubt regarding what programming language to learn, starting with Java is the way to go!

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2. Python.

Regarding flexibility, it is one of those languages that is probably easier to learn compared to C# or even SQL programming. What makes Python stand out from the rest is that it makes things easy to get up and running. Even if you work as a freelance programmer, Python is always implemented in more complex projects, which makes Python specialists in high demand. It is also an open-source, high-level programming language that can be learned free of charge.

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3. C#.

What makes C# an interesting language to learn in 2021 is the way how it takes the majority of the machine-level coding away by letting you focus on programming itself. Contrary to the popular belief, it is a good language for beginners because it is used all over the world by video game developers who use the Unity engine. Turning to the Net framework, you can participate in Win OS development and the creation of more complex websites that include various engines. It also has good multilingual support, which is an important feature.  When you have all the foreign language manuals properly translated, you may get more job opportunities internationally.

4. PHP / HTML / CSS.

Starting with either will help you to get the basics for blogging, web page creation, and work with mobile apps that implement basic HTML/CSS combo. Thankfully, there is a plethora of free online courses and templates with examples that make it much easier to learn compared to how things have been even a few decades ago. Even if you are not tech-savvy, starting with basic HTML / PHP templates will always pay off.

5. SQL.

In simple terms, learning SQL is close to how Python programming works regarding data consolidation and compatibility with the different data sources. By converting complex chunks of information, SQL queries (the most important aspect!) will help you to work individually or as a team as you bring complex tasks towards clarity and logic. If you have good leadership skills and you know how to stand for your point, choosing SQL might be one of the best options.

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6. Golang.

There is a reason why Golang software always runs faster than programs that are compiled in most other languages. Since the source code is available free of charge, it is always improving itself as it has literally thousands of compiler files and libraries that can be edited by anyone. Golang is not only used for backend development but also finds itself in a special critical programming niche because it is even more lightweight than Python. If you want to build a website in an hour, Golang must be your primary choice.

7. C++.

This powerful language needs no introduction. If you are serious about programming and code-writing, you will quickly learn that it’s the “king” of programming languages. It is something that will be relevant even 10 years from now.

Programming Helps To Achieve Better Cognitive Skills

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Programming skills will not only help you earn a high-paid job but will also improve your cognitive skills significantly. No matter what language you will choose, it will polish your mathematical skills and problem-solving capabilities in the first place. When you get proficient with basic programming tasks, it will help you to learn other concepts much easier as you apply them to various problems. It will also improve your communication and writing skills.


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