3 Ways Automation Can Help Grow Your Business

Automating business processes should be one of the top priorities of any company or business owner. A business requires a lot of time, energy, and attention to be successful. Automations take human error, routine tasks, and general chaos out of the equation so owners and employees can make the most of their time and focus on strategy, building trusting relationships, and scaling their business effectively. Here, we’re exploring three ways to automate your business strategies:

1. Automate Marketing with CRM Software

Investing in customer relationship management software is going to be the piece of the pie that makes marketing make sense. CRM software stores and organizes all the data you collect for each lead and client that makes contact with you. Whether they sign up for your newsletter, open an email, send you a text, or fill out a form, that information is recorded in their contact log. Even better, this information can be integrated into automated sequences that nurture those leads via automated emails, texts, and reminders to your team to take action.

How nice would it be to have an automated sequence of nurturing emails that go out to the hundreds or thousands of people who fill out your website form requesting information? And then imagine even just 10 percent of those leads responding to those emails saying they’d like to do business with you? That’s a lot of business all because of something you set up one time.

Marketing CRM software has the power to amp up your business success while you’re sleeping. Literally. No more missing out on leads that come in at 2 a.m. but found another competitor to do the job by 9 a.m. when you get into the office.

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2. Automate Security with a Certificate Manager

Certificate management can be one of the larger hassles of operating a business. At least it can be when you’re trying to manage it yourself. While business automation often focuses on clearing your time of busy work, a capable certificate manager can do more than save you time (a valuable commodity in and of itself). It can make managing everything about security and digital certificates easier.

A certificate manager lets you do everything from finding to issuing to managing your security across your digital devices and platforms from one dashboard. With automated renewals, you can free up brain space and let go of unnecessary anxiety knowing that there will never be any surprise lapses in your company’s technical security.

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3. Automate Order Fulfillment

Any product-based business has a lot to gain in the eyes of its customers with the use of an order management system. A system that can securely and reliably automate the product journey is invaluable. You can automate the process of getting a product from inventory storage all the way to shipping the order to the customer while providing visibility and control at each phase. This not only makes life significantly less stressful and hectic for any business owner, but it also improves the customer relationship that will impact whether or not that customer ever does business with you again. Inventory availability and business rules can be incorporated into the process so order fulfillment runs smoothly 24/7 and customers are taken care of in real-time.

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Automation Makes Life Easier

There are countless ways to build automation into your business. What you choose to automate will come down to the kind of business you’re running and what resources you have available. In the end, all automation will help your scale your business by taking the repeatable, rote, and brainless work out of your day so you can give that time back to the impactful work only you can do.


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