How to find unlisted YouTube videos

There are millions of videos posted daily on YouTube. Whether through professional channels or amateur accounts, they are what make the platform the largest social network of its kind on the internet. As a result, YT’s interface has always been simple to understand and easy to search — when it comes to listed videos.

Exactly: there are secret videos on YouTube. That is, videos that are not listed by the search engine. Only people who receive the direct link to the page can access them, and many of them show news and very interesting things.

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When posting a video on YouTube , the user can set the privacy to “unlisted”. This means that the content will not appear in the site’s search and, theoretically, only people selected by the owner of the video will receive the link and have access. But with the help of Google and a simple trick, it is possible to find unlisted videos. The process consists of searching for a specific phrase and filtering Google’s search results to only display YouTube links . There are two ways to perform the procedure:

Method 1

Go to Google and do a specific search for the URL: “This video is unlisted”

Alternatively, click Videos to display videos only. Combine with other keywords you prefer to search for the content you want.

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Method 2

Another way to find unlisted videos is by visiting Unlisted Videos ( ), a website that has a compilation of videos that cannot be found on YouTube. The tool has a search so you can find specific content.

How to view a private Youtube video

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With these tips, you will be able to find unlisted videos on YouTube and have access to underexplored content.


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