Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

Over time, technology has allowed many people to become more active in their own healthcare decisions, and nowhere is more evident than with apps. There are approximately 50,000 health applications available on the Apple Store as well as Google Play app stores, and health app use has increased dramatically.

Which of the various applications offered can you use for your wellness needs? Here are our recommended selections for the finest healthcare applications on the market right now.

What is a healthcare app?

While there are a lot of applications in the “health” category, not all of them are “healthcare” apps. The ones that teach you how to do yoga, for instance, may help you to achieve your fitness goals, however, they’re not connected to your regular, physician-led treatment.

This article will concentrate on applications that may be used in combination with your provider-based health routine. They enable health tracking and reporting, medical reminders, and contact with your provider, and some even serve as a virtual visit platform.

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Benefits of healthcare apps

While the cost of an app can range from a few dollars for a one-time download to $10 or more for monthly subscription advantages, the value and benefits may include improved health self-management, documentation, and contact with your physicians. These applications can enable people to be more proactive about their health and perhaps lower long-term healthcare costs.

A lot of smartphone applications are free, but how can you know if a paid or “premium” app is worth the money? You might wish to take it for a spin and then note whatever enhancements are lacking from your experience. Even free applications, however, may give you a complete history of your daily activities, which can help you make good life choices.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular health-tracking applications available for Android and iOS. A PC version is also available. As an interactive tracker, it monitors exercise, mindfulness, food recording, sleep, and fertility. You can use the app to establish weight and exercise goals, make food plans, as well as connect it with most fitness trackers and watches.

Premium features include more thorough reporting, meal macros, and logs that you may install or email to your healthcare professional if you upgrade. A rich online community for weight reduction assistance and guidance is also included in the program.

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When you utilize Heal, you may connect with skilled and board-certified doctors in a number of professions without having to go anywhere. For 11 states, it offers quality consultations through in-person, in-home visits, or telemedicine (virtual) visits, with more on the line. The app integrates with your health insurance and offers clear, and pricing for a variety of services, including routine care, preventative care, urgent care, as well as a mental health treatment.

Medisafe Pill Minder

Medisafe Pill Minder and Tracker assist you in keeping a record of your medications. It’s available for IOS and Android devices and includes doctor visit management as well as appointment reminder functions. It even has health tracking devices. You may switch to an ad-free experience with extra notification ringtones and measuring tools for a low charge.

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Vitamin D has been acknowledged for its involvement in immunologic development and even sleep aid. However, most of us don’t get enough sleep, and the dminder app will fix that. The program estimates the optimal time to get sun based on your location and notifies you when it’s time to walk outside.

When you track your time, the app will notify you when it is time to get out of the sun to avoid burning. It will calculate your total IU (International Units) of D. This free software is accessible on Google Play and Apple, and it includes premium upgrades such as a history of your vitamin D intake, which may be important when speaking with your doctor.

Medical ID

If you are with your phone and are experiencing a medical emergency and you are unable to explain your medical problems, Medical ID is free Android software with a premium feature that can be used to keep medical profiles on your phone.

These are immediately available from your home screen and provide the viewer with an overview of your most significant medical information, such as medical contacts, blood type, as well as allergies. Prior to treatment, medics or emergency personnel can see the fundamentals at a glance. Even when you close the app, the mobile health app will communicate your GPS position with your contact details.

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The free app for Android and iOS smartphones provides information about side effects, drug interactions, dose instructions, and much more. The pro version is more expensive and includes more pill-identifying information as well as tracking capabilities.


Diabetes:M is an Android and iOS software that is aimed to assist diabetics to take some of the guessings out of controlling their glucose levels. It allows you to keep track of your food intake, as well as your glucose and insulin levels and injection sites. Save information and generate detailed reports that you may share with your doctor. The pro edition has greater profile storage and links to your Bluetooth-enabled monitoring equipment.

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Apple Health

Apple Health is the iOS health “brain” and tracker app that is included with all Apple devices. Sleep, meals, activity, symptoms, heart rate, and breathing are all monitored. The app also interacts with over 1,000 other applications and may provide thorough information on whole wellness categories.

Apple Health works with qualified healthcare systems to keep your lab results and medical information easily accessible, and it also includes a Medical ID account for emergencies. Medical donors can even use the app to designate themselves and convey their intentions. This is a must-have if you have an Apple Watch.Eye Care Health App

Eyecare Live

Eyecare Live is an online medical app that connects you to a virtual eye doctor within an hour for eye health treatments. It also allows you to renew medicines that are less than two years old online. This medical software is available for Android and iOS for free, but you’ll have to pay extra for eye exams as well as virtual doctor appointments.

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When you use the AliveCor app with one of the Kardia heart measuring medical devices, you’ll always have access to an FDA-cleared EKG recording. The app identifies atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, as well as normal cardiac activity in real-time. Keep track of your statistics and discuss it with your doctor at your next visit. The software is free for Android and iOS smartphones, with Kardia devices starting at $90.


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