How sleeping with your phone increases the risk of cancer and infertility

The California Department of Health has recognized the potential risk of waves emitted by mobile phones for human health.The Iphone 11 pro at the foot of the tree, a gift all the more appreciated that it will stay away from the bedside table. Whether produced by Samsung, Nokia or any other manufacturer, cell phones emit electromagnetic waves, which can be harmful to health. WHO classifies them as “possible human carcinogens”. Waves whose power remains poorly understood.

This risk linked to our dear laptops, the Department of Health of the State of California has just recognized it, based on numerous studies including one of the WHO. One of the safety recommendations in particular would be to not sleep with your phone. Not so eccentric as the laptop has replaced the blanket of many teenagers … and adults. It is estimated that 80% of users sleep with their phones.

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Phone and cancer

The use of mobile phones has increased dramatically in recent years, including among children and young adults,” said the California Department of Health. However, certain laboratory experiments as well as studies on human health have suggested a possible long-term effect of the waves emitted by cell phones on human health. A potential impact on the occurrence of brain cancer, acoustic nerve tumors and salivary glands, but also on the decline in the number of sperm or their efficiency. The state of California also mentions a possible link between intensive use of the laptop and the appearance of headaches, as well as effects on learning and memory, hearing, behavior and sleep.

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No irrefutable link but a real risk, all the more important for minors. Based on scientific studies, the California Department of Health admits that cell phone waves can “cause hearing loss, ringing in the ears, headaches and reduced general well-being” in children. In order to decrease the exposure time during life, it is recommended to start using the phone as late as possible.

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“A child’s body and brain develop and grow,” said California officials. During this period, the body can be more easily affected by RF energy and the effect can be more dangerous and more lasting. ” Worrisome given the teens’ attachment to their phones.

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Rather than making an ostrich, California, which is home to Apple’s headquarters in particular, therefore publishes a vade-mecum of “advice on how people can reduce their exposure”. A process started in 2014 in Berkeley or San Francisco with the installation of signs mentioning the risks linked to mobile phones in phone shops. “Keeping your mobile phone at a distance of at least a few feet away can make a huge difference,” says the document.

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Several solutions for this, such as using the loudspeaker or a headset instead of carrying the phone at head height. Headset which is also recommended to be removed once the conversation is over because they “release small amounts of waves even when you are not using your phone”

Cell phone radiation effects on human body | CREDIT: simplemost

Besides the head, all tissues can be penetrated by the waves, so keep the phone away from the body and carry it in a backpack, briefcase or handbag. “Not in a pocket, a bra or a belt pouch,” said the state. “Don’t sleep with your phone in your bed or near your head,” said the California Department of Health. And for those who use the alarm clock put it in airplane mode and “keep it at least a few meters from your bed”.

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The antenna of your phone attempts to keep the connection to a mobile phone tower when it’s on, it emits a radio frequency radiation even when you’re not using it,” says the state of California. “When a mobile phone sends electromagnetic signals to a mobile phone tower, the waves from the phone antenna are spread out in all directions, including through the head and body of the phone holder.” Avoid situations where the phone emits a lot of waves in order to minimize cell phone radiations effects on human body.

When the network is bad or you move quickly (car, train, bus, etc.), the phones transmit more waves in order to maintain the connections. Ditto while downloading or sending large files and while watching or listening in streaming. The California Department of Health finally specifies that the “radiation shields ”, sometimes sold as a quick fix, are counterproductive, because by interfering with the phone signal, they force it to emit more waves.

The real question therefore becomes reversed: how many people do not keep their phones in the bedroom overnight?

There are several good reasons, according to sleep experts, to leave your cell phone out of your room and buy a real alarm clock.

The first reason expressed by the experts relates to hyper-vigilance, which mainly applies to people keeping their phone on overnight (without switching to airplane mode).

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Hyper-vigilance refers to the feeling of always being alert. The individuals concerned are tense, always alert and never take a break. Without them knowing it, their subconscious remains in function. This one is ready to receive messages or calls and therefore, their body does not enter into a real state of relaxation.

Phone light, the greatest danger

Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley says: “To sleep well at night, you need to feel safe and not to be bothered by anything. By keeping your phone close to you overnight you are subconsciously saying that you want to be ready to respond to any request. Your brain will monitor the situation. This will make your sleep lighter and more likely to be disturbed. “

But the biggest danger to your sleep is the light your phone emits. According to Dr. Charles Czeisler, a professor of sleep medicine at Harvard University, quoted in the Daily Mail, light interferes with your body’s natural rhythm, which confuses it since it makes it seem like it is day.

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The light emitted by phone devices has a lot of blue light (LED). This has a very stimulating effect on the body. Exposure to it overnight will increase your heart rate. According to some studies, blue light could even trigger effects similar to those of caffeine.

Also, if you wake up at night (whatever the reason: crying baby, bad dream, etc.), don’t take a look at your cell phone. The blue light will prevent you from going back to sleep well afterwards.

Another alarming study on the subject revealed by the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes: the habits of workers using their phones in the evening, more precisely after 9 p.m. Those who use their device after this time sleep for fewer hours. Their lack of sleep then has a negative impact on their work performance the next day.

So make sure to keep your phone in another room when you go to sleep.

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