How to Handle the Chaos of Unanswered Calls and Avoid Client Dissatisfaction

Business owners and managers try as much as they can to avoid unanswered business calls. Unfortunately, some do not see a problem with missed calls. They assume that they can simply find other ways to communicate with their clients.

Given the advancements in technology and how much businesses rely on digital communication, it is not difficult for some business owners to give little attention to unanswered calls. They might assume that social media and emails are good for them.

However, it is important to note that a bigger percentage of business communication still takes place through the phone. Business owners should, therefore, handle the chaos of unanswered calls and avoid client dissatisfaction.

Here is what they can do;

Analyze the Frequency and Volume of Your Calls

The first thing you need to do is to analyze the frequency and volume of your calls. To do this, start by asking yourself two questions.

  • How often do you receive calls?
  • What time do most of the calls come in?

This will help you understand the calling patterns of your customers. With that in mind, the next thing to find out is whether you have enough staff members to receive calls when they come in, no matter the number of the calls.

If you have enough staff members, then find out why the calls are not answered. Establish ways through which these calls can be handled. Some of the ways to handle calls might involve learning how to forward phone calls or including messaging capabilities in your phone system.

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Analyze the Numbers Your Customers Call

The next step involves analyzing the numbers that your customers call and how frequently they call these numbers. What is the source of these phone numbers? Do they get them from your website or customer support representatives?

After finding out the numbers that they call the most and the source of the numbers, you need to go back to the source and clarify the numbers that they can call. For instance, you can create dedicated phone numbers for different things in your business.

If your business is involved in sales, support, marketing campaigns, or any other form of support, then make sure that you have a dedicated phone number for each of them. Your customers will know the number to call depending on what they need from your business.

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Monitor Your Calls

The truth is that if you are not able to measure your calls, then you cannot manage them. The first step to monitoring your calls is making sure that you have an effective system in place.

There are many solutions available for you to choose from. In addition, technological advancement has made it possible for you to integrate your phone systems with these solutions.

The solutions come with advanced features and dashboards that can show you details about a call. For example, you can see who called, the number they called, the person who answered, and how long a call lasted. This can help you manage unanswered calls.

Evaluate Your Existing Phone System

Sometimes, you might be running a phone system that cannot handle the volume of calls that you receive in your business. When a business grows, the systems in place might struggle to accommodate the growth.

For instance, using the traditional phone system might pose a challenge to the growth of a business. You will find it difficult to add new numbers for your customers to call and for your new staff members.

You can, therefore, look at new phone systems that are scalable to handle the changes in your business.

One such phone system is the VoIP system. It allows you to easily get new numbers, add new staff members by simply adding them to your account, and has other features such as call tracking for marketing in companies.

In conclusion, you can also outsource phone answering services if you do not have enough time to take the measures discussed above.

This service makes sure that there is a person to answer your business calls all the time. You, however, need to closely monitor them to make sure that they meet expectations.


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