How To Use Influencer Video Marketing To Grow Your Brand

Growing your brand is something you have to work on constantly. It’s an ongoing job that requires implementing new strategies and tools that help you reach the goals you’ve set for your brand. This is because the competition is strong,whatever industry you’re in, and they’re not taking any breaks. So, neither should you. One of the best strategies for growing your brand using digital marketing is influencer video marketing.

Videos are extremely popular in all industries and niches. Combined with the right influencers to share your brand’s message, it can be a winning combination. That is the case only if you know how to use influencer video marketing properly. If you’re not sure, but want to learn, just keep reading.

Here’s everything you need to know about using influencer video marketing for growing your business.

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Choose the Right Influencer

Some brands make the mistake of thinking the more followers this influencer has, the better. But the number of followers and their overall popularity should not be your top priority when choosing who to team up with.

Choosing the right influencer marketing person means selecting someone suitable for your brand image. This person needs to:

  • be respected by your target audience
  • share the same values as you and advocate them
  • have something valuable to say and share
  • make it easy for your target audience to relate to them

Choosing an influencer is a part of your brand image, and is just as important as your brand voice, logo design, or brand vision. That means that you need to choose the influencers you’ll work with carefully.

More often than not, the right micro-influencer will do more good to your brand than a poorly chosen macro-influencer.

Go For Short Videos

Did you know that most people prefer watching short videos when learning about a product from a brand? Videos should be fun, informative, and instantly deliver the message you’re trying to send.

This is why short videos perform better than long-form ones. Short videos should:

  • be up to 2 minutes long
  • open with the most relevant information
  • be packed with fun facts, information, and data
  • solve problems or answer questions within the first 30 seconds

So, when you’re preparing your collaboration with the given influencer, aim at creating short videos that boost audience engagement. If you have more to say than what fits a short video, create a series of short videos and release them gradually.

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Allow Influencers To Create

You’re collaborating with an influencer because they have the power to reach a certain target audience the way you can’t. They have their followers and people who trust their judgment.

This is why you should let influencers create videos on their own. They should not just be “actors” in the staged videos that you make.

Simply put, your influencer video marketing strategy should:

  • allow the influencer to create videos
  • let them do it according to their creative wishes

You can then share those videos on your channels.

Not all videos need to be high-quality videos that look like TV commercials. Spontaneous videos made by the influencer using a selfie camera can have a much bigger impact on the people who follow them.

Do Interviews

Interviews are important since they combine all the elements that will help you grow your business. They’re the perfect mixture of:

  • visually rich content
  • information-packed content
  • entertaining content

People get to hear what their favorite influencer has to say, learn from them, and watch them being spontaneous and knowledgeable.

Do interviews with the influencers you choose and create highly valuable videos that will both educate and entertain. The influencer can talk about the things they’re an expert in, your products, their personal experience with solving a problem your target audience has, etc.

You should also turn this video interview into a blog post, and promote it on all your channels.  Video interviews will perform great when made into a written blog post, so make sure you do it like a professional.

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Create Tutorials & How-To Videos

Videos that your brand shares need to be more than just fun, flashy, and amusing. They need to provide value or else your audience will soon lose interest in them and simply stop watching.

When you team up with the right influencer, you should work together on creating a combination that will engage your target audience and ensure they love your videos. Tutorials and how-to videos are certainly a great choice.

Here’s why:

  • you share actionable and practical tips that people need
  • you recognize their pain points and address them
  • you help them overcome issues easily
  • the influencer guides them through the entire process

These videos are high-performing, engaging, and your target audience will love them. Think of the topics they’d like you to cover and create useful videos with your influencer.

Focus on Collective Good

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly created a shift in all our perspectives, but also the perspectives of businesses, brands, and consumers. When times are hard, we start to realize what are the real values in life and how we’re supposed to look at things.

Brands and influencers should definitely use this shift in perspectives to make their video marketing campaigns more influential and relatable.

Focusing your videos on collective good will help you:

  • show that your brand is socially responsible
  • add depth to your videos
  • create meaningful content
  • promote the causes you stand for authentically

The videos you create that focus on the collective good need to come from your heart, and not be driven by increasing sales. Try to show why you care, how you contribute, and why it should matter to your target audience.

Explore Platforms

Finally, there’s one last thing you need to do to make sure your influencer video marketing is reaching its full potential. You have to explore different platforms and measure the success of the videos you create and post.

Only posting on one platform is not going to get you the results you want to see. Therefore, explore different platforms including:

You’ll find a different approach to video marketing on each platform as a different kind of interaction with the target audience.

You and your influencer should focus on creating different strategies for each platform and measuring the metrics that are significant for each one. This will allow you to learn about your audience, improve your future video efforts and see which platform delivers your message the right way.

Final Thoughts

Influencer video marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your brand if you know how to use it like a professional. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together- from choosing the right influencer to creating meaningful content.

But, you can do it easily if you follow the tips we’ve shared above. Use them to create a new influencer video marketing strategy and grow your brand successfully.


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