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A sudden surge in the number of cyberbullying and child abduction cases has raised concern among parents worldwide. Theyhave begun to decline their children’s outings plans, check their phones, and feel guilty when leaving for work.

This has not only added to their stress but has also adversely affected the relationships between the two. Children have started sensing imprisonment, lying to their parents, and keeping secrets. As a result, the number of crimes and family conflicts is also proliferating.

To put an end to this, various spying applications have come forth. But, the one that is ruling the hearts of many parents is Spyier.

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An Overview of Spyier Mobile App

Spyier is one of the top spying applications that parents employ for keeping an eye on their children. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, used by many individuals across 190+ cities, and even recognized by top leaders like Forbes, iLounge, and Tech Times.

The mobile app avails ample features to the parents and makes the spying procedure easier and convenient. Some of these features and functionalities are as follows.

6 Features That Makes Spyier a Perfect Companion to Parents

1- Track Location

Available on both Android and iOS, the Spyier app shares the real-time GPS location of children with their parents. This empowers them to remain familiar with where their youngsters are, where they have traveled from, and more.

A consequence of this is that they find themselves capable of helping their loved ones in the case of emergencies. Thus, they enjoy peace of mind and cherish their relationships.

2- Access Call Logs and Messages

The mobile application also entitled parents to get a glance at the call logs and messages of their children. This further helps them in finding if someone is threatening their younger kids, and take the right step ahead for child safety.

3- Create Safe Zones

Another benefit that Spyier brings to parents is that they can formulate safe zones (or digital boundaries) in their kids’ smartphones. So, whenever their younger ones cross those boundaries, they will get an alert on their platform, which eventually confirms the type of activities the kids are involved with.

4- Inspect Social Media Interactions

One of the features that make Spyier stand out in the market is the ability to check up on the activities on social networking sites.

The Android and iOS mobile app provides parents with the option to keep a record of the amount of time their children are spending on the social media platforms, the content they are publishing, the people they are interacting with, and the media files they are sharing. This information aids them in safeguarding as well as guiding their children if they are getting exploited or involved in any ill practice. (In case you are worried about your children’s interactions on Yahoo Mail, see website.)

5- View Browser History

Not just the social media interactions, the Spyier app also provides the opportunity to take a glance at the browser history. Something that keeps the parents aware of the kind of websites they are visiting, the type of content they are consuming, and the duration they are using the browser.

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6- Employ on Multiple Platforms

Another functionality that makes parents fall for this app is the choice of accessibility via multiple platforms. Implying, parents can view the recorded data of their younger one, even if they have left their laptop at the office or their phone’s battery is low.

These app characteristics are making a huge momentum in the market. However, these are not the sole contributor to the success of the Spyier app. Various other factors come into play, a glimpse of which is covered below in the article.

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Additional Factors to Consider Before Choosing Spyier Mobile App

1- Seamless App Interaction

Designed for people from different walks of life, the interfaces of the Spyier app are simple and interactive. This makes the user experience quick, easy, and seamless.

2- Higher User Satisfaction

Because of its impeccable features and simplified dashboard, the Spyier app is highly appreciated by the users. The application has a 96% of satisfaction rate.

3- No Jailbreaking

Compared to other similar mobile apps, there is no need for jailbreaking in the case of the Spyier mobile app. The app can be used on both Android and iPhone devices seamlessly.

4- Secure Environment

As stated above, the Spyier app does not demand jailbreaking or higher memory space, and stores data on the authenticated web portal. Therefore, there is a lesser-to-no risk that someone besides you can access data from your children’s smartphone.

5- Real-time Customer Assistance

Another thing that makes an experience with Spyier special for every parent is the user support services they offer. The team is adept, experienced, and familiar with the fact that not everyone is a tech-savvy or quick learner. So, it remains available for helping their customers day and night.

6- Reasonable Cost

Though it comes packed with a broad range of functionalities, the remote tracking app is not an expensive affair. It is available at different pricing plans ranging from $9.99 to $999.99, such that the set of features will differ.

In other words, you can check on what set of app characteristics you want and pick the suitable pricing plan accordingly.

With this covered, let’s take a look at the Spyier app’s installation instructions.

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Ways to Install Spyier App on an Android/iOS Device

To employ spyier applications effectively on your children’s phone, it is a must to check upon the platform. This is so because the basic steps for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, as stated below, are different.

How to Use the Spyier App on Android?

For making the app available on an Android device, picking the right plan is the foremost step. When it’s done, you need to visit the official website and install the app on your targeted Android phone. The setup does not require rooting or a significant memory space.

The next thing you need to do is to log in to the app dashboard and start monitoring.

How to Use the App on iOS Phone?

Compared to Android, the process of making the app accessible on iPhone and other iOS devices is much easier. After all, there is no requirement for any jailbreaking or installation.

You can monitor any iPhone or iPad running on iOS 7 or above and relish 12+ unique app features remotely from your web browser. The whole surveilling procedure will be anonymous, risk-free, and undetectable.

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Closing Thoughts

The growing cyberbullying, kidnapping and other threats to children are leaving parents baffled and scared. However, spying applications are bringing them to normal by enabling them to stay updated with their kids’ whereabouts and other related opportunities.

So, if you are someone who wishes to keep an eagle’s eye on your toddlers even while out of the station, look forward to using a spying Android and iOS mobile app like Spyier application.


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