Software to help organize your life on Linux

In this article, discover 6 software that you can install on your Linux to help you organize your life.

Heimer: A program to create mind maps

Heimer is a free and open source software for Linux and Windows.

With Heimer, you can create simple and easy-to-use mind maps.

In addition, you can use this program to draw diagrams and make notes .

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On your terminal, run the installation command below.

sudo snap install heimer

Timeline: Organize events on a timeline

With the Timeline organizer app, you can browse events on a timeline, scroll and zoom with the mouse.

Run the command below to install Timeline Linux:

sudo snap install timeline

Simple Budget: A personal finance software

Simple Budget is a budget and personal finance software.

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With a Simple Budget, you can track your spending and savings .

Invoke the command below to install it:

sudo snap install simplebudget

Money Manager Ex: A program for personal finance

The Money Manager Ex is a free personal finance management and open source software for Linux, Windows, MacOS.

With Money Manager Ex, you can track your money and organize all data related to finance .

To install it, execute the command below :

sudo snap install mmex

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Mini Diary: A safe diary program

The Mini Diary is a free open source application for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

You can protect your journal with password encryption and the data is stored locally.

Run the command below to install it :

sudo snap install mini-diary

Lifeograph: digital newspaper and diaries organizer

The Lifeograph is a free program that helps create and organize a digital journal, diary or even notes and is available for Linux and Windows.

Lifeograph is a program that comes with support for AES 256 encryption and you can insert images and graphics in your projects .

To install it, execute the flatpak command below:

flatpak install flathub net.sourceforge.Lifeograph

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