Which Antivirus Companies are Leading the Race in 2021

The technological spheres have advanced through leaps and bounds in a short duration. This might look like rainbows and butterflies; but with great power, comes great notoriety, right?

That being stated, there is an apparent increase in criminal elements on the internet. Ransomware rates and frequencies are surging, and cyber hacks have become a commonplace event now.

In order to protect yourself from the said ominous events, you will most definitely need some sort of protection. Where else to begin but with a solid antivirus? You must be wondering which ones to get? Fret not, for here are some of the best ones you can subscribe to.


As opposed to the general maxim of “save the best for last”, we will provide the best from the very beginning. Hailed as the most well-rounded cybersecurity software company, Bitdefender is here to spoil you with security products.

With its ransomware detection that is ahead of the curve, Bitdefender ensures that you are entirely shielded, especially when you are browsing the web. Sure, you have to exercise discretion with regards to where you surf, just like you should with any other product, but for the most part, Bitdefender has your back.

It also has a plethora of smaller security packages across various subscription ranges. Are you looking for small office security solutions while you’re working from home? Perhaps you need something for your Mac computer, or your Android phone, or maybe you want a specific selection of features? Bitdefender has you covered, either way. We truly believe that Bitdefender has the greatest versatility in terms of options.

Additionally, it also comes with a password manager. Gone are the days when you had to manually write, tabulate, and formulate passwords. With Bitdefender solutions you can rest assured your passwords are safe and sound.

If you thought that was enough, you would be mistaken. Bitdefender also provides an integrated VPN to protect from any shady activity that occurs on public networks. Not just that, but with some packages it comes as an additional feature too.

There is no doubt regarding the superiority of the Bitdefender packages. Sure, you might find a few inexpensive alternatives here and there, but there is no one that can match Bitdefender’s comprehensive approach to security.

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Synonymous with Windows systems, Norton360 is a fair alternative for every PC user who wishes to not invest in Bitdefender. Not only is it renowned for its decent malware protection, but also provides an overall leak-proof windows security experience.

While it may appear to be slightly more expensive against its counterparts, there are a couple of justifications here. First, with the ongoing debate as to whether VPN is a good way to hide your data, Norton360 provides VPN solutions baked into their packages.

Second, there is a dark web monitoring feature built-in too. Sure, this might sound rather obscure and unheard of, but for the rather facetiously adventurous folks, this sounds like a great piece to subscribe to.

Norton also provides some cloud storage and associated backup too. While this might vary from subscription to subscription, the separate cloud packages themselves can be looked into, if you seek cloud services from them.


Possibly one of the oldest kids on the block, McAfee is a decent choice for security. In an age where spear-phishing attacks are becoming more ubiquitous by the day, McAfee plans on mitigating the said breaches through their subscriptions.

McAfee offers solutions across a plethora of device ranges. From mobile operating systems such as iOS to even full-fledged Windows, McAfee has custom solutions for each and everyone’s needs.

A strong downside to McAfee solutions is the lack of parental controls and restrictions. Sure, this is redundant in office spaces and professional environments, but it is always good to have more options as a home user.

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If user-friendly is up your alley, then look no further than Kaspersky solutions. While the aforementioned solutions have fairly intuitive UIs, Kaspersky solutions try to make their UI and usability lucid enough to comprehend and use.

The word ‘free’ does strike a sonorous bell in the minds of most folks, and as a company, Kaspersky understands that. This would also explain why their free variant is almost as decent as their premium one.

The grave downside to Kaspersky solutions is that it lacks good mobile support for the free variant. Sure, Google and Apple have tightened their securities and there is practically no need to seek solutions elsewhere. But again, it is always good to have options.

Either way, you will not be left disappointed with its services. Kaspersky strikes a decent balance of value and utility—definitely something worth looking into.

To Conclude

In the modern era of computing, enhancing your security resources should be a quintessential aspect of setting up your systems. While most of us are not intimately acquainted with the intricacies of security solutions, you can always rely on Bitdefender to deliver the best security for all your needs.

Striking a good balance of money, usability, and versatility, Bitdefender offers some solutions that are genuinely worth subscribing to.


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