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The main topic of this article is how to fix corrupted video files. Data corruption is a widely recognized problem faced by many
in their everyday lives. It usually occurs when you store data on portable media. Videos are the most preferred source of communication as they build a one-on-one connection between the conveyors and the audience. You get an accurate picture of all the happenings and the instructions via videos. But sometimes, when you play your favorite video, you notice that it is not playing, i.e. it might be a corrupted video. You can quickly fix it by utilizing a video repair tool.

Part 1: The cause of the video files loss/corruption

There are plenty of ways to fix corrupted video files, but first, we need to understand the cause of the damage; only then will we choose the suitable method to fix it. There could be numerous reasons behind your video corruption. An inevitable technical malfunction or an accidental mix-up can harm your video record headers, good areas, and edges. Let’s discuss a few significant reasons why you feel the need to use a video repair tool.

Impulsive Shut Downs

One of the most fundamental reasons behind video file corruption is sudden system shut-downs while the videos are still playing. If you do not halt the video before the shut-down, a critical element can sometimes become damaged, deteriorating the entire video file.

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Malware or Viral Attacks

Another reason for fixing corrupted video files is when they get attacked by malware or some virus. A virus could infect the video files making it impossible for the players to run and process them.

Damage to Storage Mediums

Sometimes the videos are harmed if the storing device is mishandled. For example, any physical damage, a water spill, sudden drop on hard floors, and indiscreet treatment to the external hard drives or memory cards can lead to a corrupted video file.

Sudden Power Surges

Abrupt power surges or system crashes during playing, editing, and transferring can badly damage the video files. It calls for a quick video repair tool.

Utilization of Low-Quality Video Players

An outsider video player that does not have imperative properties expected to handle video records viably can sometimes damage your files.

Part 2: What can Video Repair Tool do?

The primary function of a video repair tool is to fix corrupted video files. The devices can repair all formats of video files such as; MP4, MPEG, MJPEG, MOV, MTS, M4V, 3G2, F4V, FLV, WMV, etc.

This article focuses on the Wondershare Reparit video repair tool that repairs videos of all formats on various devices, including cameras, drones, memory cards, computers, mobile phones, USB sticks, etc.

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The Wondershare Repairit software has two versions;

Repairit Online

Repairit Online can fix 200MB video files for free without signing up. It accepts three file formats (i.e., MP34, MOV, 3GP) and can restore ten corrupted video files daily. It can only repair and save a single video with a single repair mode (quick repair). Lastly, you can get a 30s video segment preview before downloading the final fixed video.

Repairit for Desktop

Repairit for desktop video repair tools is available for both Windows and Mac. It accepts more than ten video file formats, and file size is not limited, i.e., you can repair the video file of any length and height. It can efficiently do multi-tasking and can save all files at a single time. Besides, you can have a complete preview of your video before finally downloading it. A sample video analysis technology introduced in this version of Repairit with two modes and technical and remote services is beneficial.

Part 3: Features of Repairit

The best way to repair your videos is to use some computer software designed for that very purpose. It is a lot less bothersome and gives you better results.

Repairit stands out as one of the best video repair tools 2021 for users because of its wide range of impressive and enhanced features. It offers both an online free version and a desktop premium version. It is a free, fast, and flexible software that makes repairing corrupted files convenient and safe.

Values your Privacy

With advanced security technology, we assure you that your uploaded data and files are accessible to you and you only!


You don’t need any prior knowledge of video repairing techniques. In just under two minutes, you can quickly fix your corrupted video files in three easy steps.

Protects Video Quality

Repairit preserves the integrity, quality, and structure of the original videos. Besides, you can save the files with the actual names as well.

The solution to all Video Problems

It is a solution to all your video playback, component problems (such as metadata header, slide, footage, frame, and parameters to error codes), and video quality issues like black screen, freezing flickering, not playing, blur, and stuttering, etc.

Additionally, Repairit can fix videos on different devices such as cameras, PC, drones, mobile phones, USB sticks, memory cards, etc.

Repairit Online Tool

This article will deal with how to repair corrupted video files using Repairit Online free video repair tool.

Step 1: Upload the corrupted video file to Repairit

After choosing the online tool, you will observe a large”+” sign on the screen; click on it. Select the corrupted video you want to fix from your files, and add it to the online tool.

An uploading bar will ensure that the uploading of the video.

Step 2: Repairing Process

Once the video is uploaded, the process to fix your corrupted video file starts. It does so automatically, which is the advantage of this online video repair tool.

Step 3: Preview and save the repaired video

Once the repairing process is complete, a window with repaired video pops up.

The online tool allows you to preview a video file for 30 seconds, which is enough time to get an idea if your video has been repaired correctly or not. Check the preview for any possible errors; once you are satisfied, save the fixed video.

Besides, you can add another corrupted video to this video repair tool by clicking “Fix another video.”

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Videos usually hold some of the best moments of our lives, and their damage can be devastating. It occurs for various reasons, such as interrupted transfer, partial downloading, and viral attacks. However, the right video repair tool at your disposal means that you can retrieve your valued files once again. Repairit is just a perfect solution to fix corrupted video files. Available in both free and premium versions, Repairit has many perks. For instance, it is reliable, fast, and compared to the other software in the market, it is secure and has unparalleled speed. We highly recommend Wondershare Repairit for all your video-related problems.


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