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NOTE: The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence. One of the most popular solutions today for various problems involving Office is reinstalling or uninstalling the software but this helps in cases where the installationwas damaged. Recovering the Office installation process is also a good way to solve problems but the program will fix the existing problem online without any issues.

If you use a recovery service, the main profile and important files will not be damaged, replaced, or deleted, but experts advise that you make a copy of the .pst file just to be safe. Most users do not have copies of their important .pst files. Ost Viewer by Recovery Toolbox is very effective for solving problems related to file recovery

Features of the Ost Viewer program

The OST Viewer has both an online and offline version to choose from and they are pretty easy to use. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Close Outlook and other office programs
  2. Open the control panel. You can do this through the “Settings”
  3. Choose “Search, add and remove programs”.
  4. We press the installation of Office or Outlook (if it works offline).
  5. Click on the “Change” button or the “Restore” button.
  6. We choose the required option.
  7. The installation process will be completed.

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Office 2013 and Office 2016

In the “Programs” section, select the recovery process or do this from the “Settings”. You can also enable this process by typing the Add or Remove Programs command. After that, open the control panel and click “Programs and Features” or select “Add or Remove Programs”.

Quick Recovery will perform a full file scan and then recover or replace damaged files with new ones. Online file recovery is a reinstallation or removal process. It is important to note that performing this process will not affect user files if you use Online Recovery, but the activation itself can be removed. If you do not have an installation that is linked to your Microsoft account, then you will need a key code.

Benefits of Ost Viewer

Free OST Viewer is very popular and in-demand because it is a reliable viewer for Exchange OST and Outlook files and an effective management tool. The main advantages of the program are as follows:

  • Allows you to search in OST and PST files. Using the advanced search feature, you can select specific criteria, and highlight the necessary elements according to various parameters. This search is similar to Outlook Advanced Search.
  • It is possible to quickly copy data from a PST or OST file.
  • Provides the ability to convert and export the required elements in the format MSG, VCF, iCal.
  • Free OST Viewer supports the most popular and commonly used file formats.

It is now possible to quickly export selected files and other items to .msg files. Ost Viewer works great and is an effective tool for solving various tasks related to file recovery. With the help of Ost Viewer, it is possible to export files from OST PST Viewer. The user of the presented software can save the necessary files on a local disk or in other places where it is necessary. By following all the above steps and instructions, you can completely correct the existing errors in the files.

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If the files needed were not restored, you can repeat the procedure. Once all the above actions are carried out correctly, the necessary data and information are fully restored without the loss of information that may be important to the user. All of the above actions must be performed in a strictly specified sequence, which is very important to obtain a positive result associated with file recovery.

Recovering the Outlook file

If you see error 0x8004010F, the Outlook file that stores all your mail is damaged or lost. It doesn’t matter what caused it, but it can easily be recovered if you use a server with IMAP support (Exchange Server, Office365, Gmail,, etc.).

Here’s how it works

The server automatically saves a copy of the file stored on the hard disk, therefore, we can access the lost data at any time. To do this, you need to abandon the local file that has stopped responding and create a new one using a special Outlook tool. It is very similar to syncing local data to the cloud. No special knowledge is needed for recovery, and the process itself consists of just six easy steps.

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File recovery through internal Outlook settings

When launching the Outlook software product (not to be confused with Office 365), a message appears that the PST file is not working, then specialized tools will be required to carry out the process of correcting such an error.

Let’s take a look at how to perform this procedure to have access to the information data that you require. In such cases, the manufacturer Microsoft makes it possible to use an effective and convenient tool called Inbox recovery tool (or ScanPST.exe), which makes it possible to eliminate existing data defects that are located in * .pst files. You will be able to learn how to use an effective and reliable tool, as well as useful programs and special services.

The steps below provide an excellent opportunity to complete the procedure for correcting errors and restoring access to the necessary information data in the shortest possible time with minimal effort, which is very convenient and practical for many users.

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Online services

Online services for recovering and converting Outlook databases give good chances, but you have to pay for the pleasure. There are a large number of such sites and the whole process takes five minutes to complete:

  • Select a file on your hard drive
  • Enter your email
  • Enter the verification code correctly
  • Pay for the service using one of the methods suggested by the site

If everything is done correctly, and it cannot be otherwise, you will receive a link to the corrected file. The cost of the service usually does not exceed ten dollars for one file up to 1 GB in size. The only question is security. If you are not satisfied that someone unknown will gain access to your data (bank card numbers, passwords from social networks, family photos), it is better to choose a method that does not involve sending mail to a remote server. For example, install a special program.


Of course, Outlook is not only for mails but also for a diary, calendar, notes, and messages. Almost all of a person’s life is stored in one encrypted file. Therefore, it is not good if a warning suddenly pops up when trying to enter the mail client. If the above steps are completed correctly, you should be able to see: “Repair complete”. If you perform the above steps correctly, then there is an excellent opportunity to restore the necessary data to start the program and eliminate various errors that might appear during the program’s operation.


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