Which phone cases can provide the best protection

What types of phone cases are there and which ones provide the best protection? From water to scratches to falls: Smartphones are confronted with various sources of danger. It is all the more important to choose a case that protects the cell phone

efficiently. However, not every case protects in the same way.

Mobile phone cases: A sensible investment

No matter which mobile phone buyers choose: a case is always a good choice for technical devices. Models like an iPhone 13 Pro case and all other variations efficiently protect the phones from damage.

This analysis is based on figures from the repair marketplace Clickrepair, which examined damage data from around one million smartphones.

Prerequisites for optimal protection

In order for the cases to fulfill their optimal protective function, the models must also be precisely tailored to the respective smartphone.

The demands on the cases vary from user to user. For this reason, prospective buyers should consider, for example, whether the cases should protect against the weather, scratches or a fall. In addition, demands for everyday usability and functionality differ from each other.

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Advantages and disadvantages of bumpers

With a so-called bumper, the appearance of the smartphone plays a decisive role. This frame, made of a rubber-like material, is designed to cushion falls. The frames survive the falls. As a result, the full force of the impact does not affect the display. However, the cases do not guarantee optimal protection.

These models protect cell phones from scratches that occur on the display. However, damage can often not be avoided in the event of a fall.

Special features of hard cases

Hard cases are cases that are attached to the back of smartphones. This case protects the phones by enclosing the outer sides of the devices. There are only a few limits to the variety of possible colors and designs for hard cases. One problem with these protective covers, however, is their feelings, because the surface is quite smooth. This means that no screen protection is guaranteed.

So-called soft cases are characterized by a high level of grip. These cases are made from flexible and soft materials such as thermoplastic polyurethane or silicone. The weight of the soft cases is lower in direct comparison to hard cases.

However, it is important that the case is not too thin. Otherwise, the pressure would be transferred directly to the cell phone in the event of a fall. Because the cases do not offer screen protection, a screen film is essential as a supplement.

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What is a bookcase?

A flip case protects the smartphone from all sides. In addition to the shell covering all edges and the back, the display is also protected by a hinged cover. Depending on the model, this lid consists of different materials and is even transparent in some versions. A downside, however, is that the case has to be opened permanently.

Nevertheless, the so-called bookcases generally score with good protection and are also well suited for travel. Because the cover can also be used as a stand, it is even possible to watch films using the bookcase. In addition, users can stow credit cards in the sleeves.

Tips for dealing with waterproof cell phone cases

So-called outdoor covers promise very good protection. These cases also withstand extreme loads. The cases are waterproof and dustproof. When buying, however, it is important to make sure that all the buttons on the cell phone are easy to use.

If you also want to use the smartphone underwater, you should definitely lookout for a waterproof case. These cases should not only convince with particularly high quality but also have seamlessly processed seams and tightly closing fasteners.

The agony of choice

There is no general answer to the question of which case protects smartphones most effectively. If you value a high level of fall protection, you should opt for a flip case or an outdoor case. If the visual aspect is in the foreground, bumpers or display foils are probably the better choice. There are now also some smartphone cases that score with special extras.

Cases with an integrated battery are now even available. From a technical point of view, these cases are a clear relief. However, cell phone users should also consider that the cases are comparatively bulky and regularly require a connection to the charging station. In addition, a cell phone case with an integrated battery costs a lot more money.


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