5 Hacks to Increase Views on Your Reels

By Emilio Scott – The Instagram Reel was launched in August 2020. Since then, the face of Instagram has changed by leaps and bounds. However, initially, it was criticized because of its similarity with TikTok. This Reel feature of Instagram allows its users to make and publish 90-seconds videos.

But over the years it has proved its mettle by increasing the conversion rate and online reach of the brands.

Instagram Reels can be highly beneficial to your business and brand; it is one the best ways to get followers and conversion.

Therefore in this blog, we are going to discuss five hacks to increase Instagram Reel views.

Use Good Camera

Having a good picture or video immediately enhances the user experience. It helps the viewers to stay at your videos. A video with good quality makes them subconsciously assume your brand to be successful.

However, a video with low quality destroys the brand image.

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Use Trending Sounds

If you want to get viral on Reels, hop on to trending songs.

A trending song can be any audio of a movie or a series. As a brand, you can create content on any video on these trending audios. Make sure that the videos you are creating resonate with your brand appeal.

If you are not sure which audio is trending, keep an eye on what sound is frequently being used on Instagram.

You can also create your own unique and ask your followers to create videos on it.

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Think of captions as SEO

Instagram has recently launched keyword searches in a few countries, which indicates that Instagram is moving to become a search engine in the coming years.

When you are planning your content, make sure you write captions that are keyword reach. This will help you to rank your content on For You Page, and also make your Reel viral.

You’ll get more views the more effectively the algorithm can recommend material to the proper audience.

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Embed your Instagram Reels on your website

If you are a brand, having an Instagram reel widget on your website is highly beneficial for your business.

Having an Instagram reel widget on your website enhances the overall experiences of your visitors for the better. It also helps you to increase the average time spent on your website, as the visitors do not have to leave the website to go through your Instagram reels.

You can embed Instagram Reels on website using any social media aggregator tool.

These tools also help you to customize your Instagram Reel widget, which means you can choose the theme and template of your widget according to your brand image.

Using the moderation panel of such tools, you can remove the Instagram Reels that you do not want to showcase on your website. This will help you to show your best Reels to your visitors.

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Collaborate with Influencers

Do you know that 65% of marketers work with ten or more influencers at a time? This helps them to have authority over their viewers in their niche.

This is because your target customers trust social proof. Influencers are trusted by their followers immensely. They will help you to convert their followers into your loyal customers.

Therefore it’s a good idea to collaborate with influencers. But whale collaborating with influencers, make sure that they align with your brand value and niche.

Benefits of Using Instagram reels

  • Instagram Reel helps you to spread brand awareness in a captivating and engaging way, which further helps you to acquire reach for your business.
  • People like to see the video content more than the written content.

What to publish as a brand on Instagram Reels

  • Tell your brand story. People love to hear stories. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best ways to connect with your viewers on a personal level.
  • Show behind the scenes of your business. It helps you to give a human touch to your business.
  • Showcase your products on your Reels. This will help the viewers to get a user guide before even purchasing the products.
  • Answer the frequently asked questions. Many times the customers have questions that block them in their purchasing journey.

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To Summarize

As you consider trying Reels, take in mind the aforementioned considerations, but also the opportunities it presents. Reels can be a perfect choice for you if you’ve mastered Instagram,

You can also make a content calendar for your Instagram Reels. In order to make sure that your profile and Instagram Reels are on the right track, it won’t hurt to do market research first.

If you are aware of the types of content your fans prefer and are keen to experiment with content in the TikTok manner, your conversion rate will skyrocket.

The above-mentioned hacks are tried and tested for Instagram Reels.


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