6 Best Credit Card Processing Tools 2022

Credit cards and debit are a massive part of businesses today. Thus, it’s crucial to find a credit processing card tool that accepts multiple payments. This gives your business the flexibility to accommodate different customers globally.

In this article, you will learn about the six best credit processing tools to ease your entrepreneurial life. But first, it’s essential to understand credit card processing and how it works.

Read on for insights.

What Is Credit Card Processing and How Does it Work?

Credit card processing is the series of activities taking place to complete payments made with credit cards. It could be online, over the phone, in person, or via email.

There are different entities involved in ensuring the success of the whole process. These include the consumer, merchant, payment gateway, credit card processor, card network, issuing bank, and the acquiring bank.

An excellent credit card processing tool needs to be reliable, cost-efficient, and secure. Depending on the risks involved, it should allow people with poor credit scores to shop.

Fortunately, customers with poor credit scores can always seek cheap credit repair services to fix their credit cards. The services enable them to eliminate negative items from the credit report, thus improving the FICO score. Credit repair companies walk clients to detect errors that affect their credit score.

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That aside, when settling for a card processing tool, the following are some of the things to consider:


In a credit processing agreement, you are likely to experience specific fees. Some of the pricing models include flat rates, interchange plus, tiered, and subscriptions. Fortunately, processing fees are negotiable.

Setup Time

The setup time should be quick and fast. Opt for a processor that quickly opens your account. They should also guide you through installing the equipment.

Customer Support

Customer support needs to be reliable. If you develop a hitch with the credit processing tools, they should sort you fast.

Fraud Protection and Security

The credit processor needs to provide enough security for your transactions. This includes aspects like PCI compliance, EMV compliance, insurance, and the option to enter additional card information like a security code. It should be able to detect debit card fraud.

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The credit card processor should accept different cards. Examples like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. one that accepts NFC technology enabling mobile payment like Apple Pay, is an added advantage.

Here are some of the best credit card processing tools


Setting up a Stripe account is easy and its pricing is transparent. It bypasses the traditional signup process and acts as a merchant account for its providers. It handles PCI compliance and merchant approvals.

Upon registering, you can start immediately accepting credit card payments. You can customize it to fit your e-commerce needs without incurring other hidden charges. Also, the Stripe plugin connects you with different software platforms.

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Square allows you to accept credit cards anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a tablet or a mobile device or selling in person, online, or on the go. Square payments allow you to accept contactless cards in digital wallets, website payments, in-app payments, or payments through shareable checkout links.

Registering in Square is a simple process. Square also has software and hardware solutions. One of these solutions is the new technology that enables customers to scan a QR code in restaurants without interacting with the staff or holding physical menus.

Square payments can also assist you in setting up an online store and selling through social media. You can also integrate it with an existing online store or mobile app.

Additionally, it’s easy to send digital invoices to customers and accept remote payments. It sends customers checkout links to pay through text, digital wallet, email, or bank account.

Lastly, Square payments allow 3D secure multi-factor authentication. It generates payment tokens to allow strong customer authentication, especially for online card payments.

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Netverify (Jumio)

Netverify allows you to confirm that your customers are authentic. You can incorporate this into your website as a part of the checkout process.

Customers can snap their driver’s licenses or other IDs to verify their authenticity using smartphones, webcams, PCs, or tablets. The process takes as little as 60 seconds.

Additionally, the tools can verify documents from more than 60 countries. These include utility bills, passports, Id cards, and even bank statements. According to Jumio, the software rejects unauthenticated documents.

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Helcim is a platform that integrates several things, including a payment feature. It has interchange-plus pricing plus transparent rates and fees listed on its website.

Also, Helcim supports recurring billing, multi-currency processing, and invoicing. It integrates customer information databases and tokenization inventory management.

Helcim is excellent for small businesses. Its rates are low with volume-based discounts that don’t change even when your account grows.

Account approval takes a few minutes, and it doesn’t charge early termination fees.

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Paypal is a mobile credit processing service that can accept credit cards in person or via a smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the best credit card processors for entrepreneurs. It’s one of the most used payment acquirers and processes billions of cash each year.

The system has the paying-as-you-go pricing option with no additional options for its basic services. Also, there is no contract and no monthly minimum to spend. Thus, you can’t be penalized for not processing a certain amount of cash per month.

Payments are made using a credit card or an existing user’s account. You can send money directly to an email account. New users need to sign up for a new account.


PaymentCloud is an excellent option for businesses in high-risk industries. Since it’s a high-risk credit card processing tool, it doesn’t provide its rate in advance.

However, it shops your profile around to different back-end processors, thus giving you the best possible deals. These deals include monthly minimums, tiered pricing, and contracts at the initial stages.

Payment Cloud offers low risk with interchange-plus pricing at a monthly fee of $ 15.

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Final Thoughts

Several credit tools exist today. Despite that, you need to find one that offers convenience to both you and your customers. Ensure to settle for reliable, convenient, secure, and offers reasonable rates.

Even without perfect credit scores, customers should shop and pay with ease.



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