Best laptop insurance providers

As ultrabooks, convertible tablets and other types of laptop forms are frequently being produced and bought, there is now an increased need for a reliable laptop

insurance plan. In particular, this concerns frequent business travelers who bring their laptops back and forth to work.

With various laptop insurance plans available, it’s important to buy the one best suited for you, whether you’re an individual consumer, corporate company, or even a small business.

Therefore, here are the five most reliable and best insurance plans for your laptop, along with thorough details about their features and benefits to ease your choice.

Gadget Cover

The Gadget Cover laptop insurance pack includes various features, such as accidental damage, water and liquid damage, laptop breakdown, loss, theft, gadgets and accessories, and unauthorized usage. It also covers family cover, worldwide cover, and even E-wallet cover.

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There are several useful features included in the Gadget Cover insurance plan, starting with one month free of annual policies, the ability to make an unlimited number of claims, and a low excess fee. Moreover, this plan also includes the free collect-return service for your laptop, in addition to offering UK based customer support and a 14-day money-back guarantee to keep you satisfied.

The Gadget Cover policy protects your laptop no matter what, whether it’s normally used for everyday use, work, or even gaming.

To learn what Gadget Cover can provide solely for you and your laptop, just take a quote for laptop insurance and see how you can get a stand-alone plan that will cover everything you need.

All insurance plans are available to view on the official website of Gadget Cover.

Protect Your Bubble

The Protect Your Bubble insurance plans go beyond laptops, for it includes various types of electronics, such as phones and cameras. The plans cover theft, cracked screens, liquid damage, and many more issues.

Some of the most important aspects included in this protective insurance plan are the unlimited number of repairs available and the same-day cover for your gadgets. Furthermore, you’re given a multi-gadget discount, the opportunity to sign up for monthly or annual payment plans, and both accidental and liquid damage cover. However, you must be 18 years or older to select this policy, your gadget must be less than a year old, and it also must have been purchased from a manufacturer, network provider, or retail store.

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Also, a recently refurbished gadget must have been purchased from a manufacturer or network provider, and not from an online outlet. Lastly, this plan also includes an unlimited number of damage claims than can be made, with a limit of two theft and loss claims per year.

Each month, Protect Your Bubble fixes over 1,700 gadgets and electronics. To find out how your gadgets can become part of that number if needed, visit the official website of Protect Your Bubble insurances.


Helpucover helps you cover all your gadgets, not just your laptop, and protects against theft, loss, breakdown, and accidental damage.

One of the features included in the Helpucover insurance plans is that you’re able to register an unlimited number of items. Regarding these items, for any worth less than £150, there is no required registration. Fortunately, this cover not only includes items owned by you, but also by any family members living at the same address as you. If you have to travel, whether it be international or domestic, your gadgets will be protected under a worldwide cover for up to 90 days.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to make two claims in a rolling 12-month period, and also, if you purchase the premium, there is no limit on the number of gadgets covered. The plans also cover any mechanical or electric breakdown problems regarding your items following the expiry of a guarantee or warranty.

When there is no cover under the policy, there is a deferred period of fourteen days. Once the delayed period passes, you can register any additional gadgets.

Also, be aware that this insurance policy does not extend to students who live away from home, as they should have their own personal policy in their own name.

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You can learn more about the various laptop insurance plans by visiting the official website of Helpucover.

Trusted Insurances

Trusted Insurances supports any and every type of customer, offering four unique bundles: personal, student, business, and family.

Under these plans, it is safe to ensure that up to three gadgets will receive the best value, safety and security, possible. Since the focus of this article revolves around the insurance for laptops, there are various important features for this specific pack that will be discussed.

The most crucial aspects of the laptop plan start with the unlimited number of claims you can make, including annual claims for accidental damage, theft, or loss. In addition, the highly skilled engineers that work for Trusted Insurances know how to repair even the latest technology so that your laptop will be returned looking brand new, and they only use the best technology available as replacements.

Also, a special system where your laptop is safely returned to you on your doorstep through a unique courier service is included in this plan. It’s called the free collect-and-return service. Lastly, over 93% of user claims are completed and assessed, and the replacements given to your laptop have a 12-month guaranteed warranty.

For more information, including cost and details, visit the official website of Trusted Insurances.

Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance offers stellar services for your most valuable and personal items, including laptops, digital cameras as well as insurance for tablets. It also is one of the best insurance for mobile phones.

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There are many important and useful features that come with the Gadget Insurance laptop plan, one being your laptop will be covered for not only accidental damage, but also liquid damage and theft.

Also, whether you’re traveling on a weekend break or a one-month vacation, your laptop will be securely protected under the 90 days Worldwide Cover service, which provides laptop cover in any single 12-month period of insurance. And if you decide to travel internationally, the pack offers global protection in every country. Moreover, there are low excesses, though home insurance policies range in this area.

Before purchasing a policy from Gadget Insurance, be sure to check and review your home insurance policy since certain ones restrict their users’ gadgets outside of the home.

To learn more about all the insurance plans available for your laptop, visit the official website of Gadget Insurance.

Trusted Insurances, Gadget Cover, Protect Your Bubble, Gadget Insurance, and Helpucover are five of some of the best computer insurance that can protect your laptop from any issues and problems you may experience. Learn more about the details and costs of each program by visiting their official websites.

After learning about these various insurance plans, you can decide which one is the best for you, purchase it, and relax knowing that your laptop will now be protected no matter what.

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